Is It Better To Play Slots With More Or Less Lines?

In a game of slots, the more lines you have, the more money you can potentially win. However, with more line options comes more risk. Players could potentially get stuck in a losing spin as well as waste time on bad choices. Playing with fewer lines is often safer but does not offer as much reward for each bet. This article examines both sides and suggests whether or not it is better to play 5-line or 3-line slots to maximize your possible wins at the casino.

More Lines = More Risk (5-line Slots)

The more lines there are, the higher the chances of winning. However, when players choose to deal with more lines, they put themselves in a deeper hole if they happen to lose. A 5-line slot has a total of 5 reels and 62.5% chance of winning as opposed to a 3-line slot which only has 3 reels and 31.7% chance of winning. When players are faced with this type of situation, they often become frustrated because it would seem there is no way to win. A 5-line rtp slot might also have some more symbols than a 3-line slot which might lead players to think the game is going to be more challenging than it actually is.

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Fewer Lines = Fewer Options (3-line Slots)

Playing 3-line slots is a very safe choice because players will only bet on much fewer symbols than 5-line counterparts. Players are therefore less likely to get themselves into trouble by betting on unsuitable or unpredictable lines. Even with less lines, winning is much more likely as a result of having more symbols placed on the reels.

Straight Flush Is Better

Straight flush is one of those occurrences that cannot be predicted. The chances of getting straight flush are very low, but it is the best payout to get. A typical 3-line slot has only 30% chance of winning, but with a straight flush, players can double their winnings. This makes the risk of playing a 3-line slot worth it because if you hit straight flush, you stand to make thousands or even hundreds of years per spin. If there is a choice between playing 5-line or 3-line slots, always go for the 3-line.